website maintenance

Website Maintenance

It is not enough to just put some codes and build a nice website and leave it alone in between millions of other sites over the internet. This action will result in no profits no customers, nothing. Our website maintenance plans include everything which gives a piece of mind to our client that their websites are fully functional 24/7 for 365 days.

Our maintenance services include Server Backups, Page optimization, security, diagnose of come coding, check-ups of outbound and inbound links as well as backlinks.

Our Maintenance Services are as follows:

Browser Optimization

After every few months, there will be some new browser releases and your site should meet those new standards in order to stay higher in rankings. People also trust those sites which are free from errors and glitches.


Platforms like WordPress, often release their updates these are code updates. While updating codes of a site extreme care should be taken because improper knowledge of coding will result in site breakup. Or nothing on your page to show.

Loading Time

Slow websites never ever rank in search engine results. Nobody waits for such website to load which takes more than 3 seconds to show up the home page. So loading speed is extremely important and it automatically reduces with time. We maintain constant loading speed throughout the year by constantly monitoring your website page speed.

Security Optimization

We safeguard your site from virus attacks and hackers.

General maintenance work

There much more to do on a website when you want to run it for a long time without any problem. We do all the maintenance work from single update to complex internal coding updates o ensure the functionality of your site.