Do you know why your competitors are ranking better than you? You are offering better products but still, you are not on search engine`s first page. Why your SEO agency is unable to give you the desired results? Is there any solution to this problem? And every day you hope for better rankings but results did not change. If this is the situation of your online business do not worry we have the answer to all of your questions.
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There are many reasons why your competitor shows up whenever people search for the products and services that you are offering.
Let’s talk about the Ranking process for your website.
SEO itself is not a magic which you use at night and boom next morning you are at the first place in every search engine result pages. The very first thing you need is patience because it takes time to rank any website to the top level. SEO depends on the following factors.


This is the very first step from where SEO starts in a technical language we call it the foundation of SEO. If the structure of the site is not SEO friendly then doing SEO on that site is useless. It will never give results because you are doing right practices on the wrong structured website.

We have a solution to this problem our experts will analyze your website and fix the issue regarding site structure. Some fixes are easy to do while for other we need to go deep inside the Code and make some relevant changes to make it perfect for your business as well as SEO.

E-commerce sites, personal site, blogs, review sites etc all have different designs and their SEO needs wary according to the nature of the business. None of the single technique will work for all. Therefore, we need to analyse the site structure first before making an SEO plan for a particular business.


Keywords are those phrases that people put in the search bar to get results. If your site does not contain those useful keywords then your website will never rank in google search results. There is a special technique which we called keyword distribution. In this, we use different relevant keywords and also generate some high-quality keywords and at last, insert them to your website at appropriate places. This tells the google about the information on the specific site.
It increases the traffic which further converts into the customers and generates more revenue.


Content is everything when it comes to the quality of the website and its products. High-quality genuine content always ranks better in all search engines. Just writing lengthy pages is not enough. Every page should be organized in a well-mannered way from which we mean arrange the content according to the search phrases and according to the reading pattern of your traffic.
Unorganized content is confusing and does not make sense which put a direct impact on your brand reputation and on sales as well. If you have traffic on your site but do not know how to convert them into the customers, give our Michigan SEO experts a call we are always happy to help you.
Once your content gets arranged in a specific pattern you will get more traffic, high rankings and a good amount of increase in your sales


People trust only authority sites but what is authority site? How I make my website an authority site?

It is not easy to build an authoritative website. The combination of years of good experience and strong knowledge of web developing and seo make you able to transform any website into an authority site. The site layout put a great impact on sales. Sites with worst layout design will cause more harm to the business.

Site layout contains everything that is on the site like the Search option, Navigation Bar, Header, Main Menu, Secondary menu, Page title, Headings, Number of titles and many more. Only professionals can fix this issue from their knowledge and skills.


This matters a lot when someone wants to rank high in search engines. Neither search engine nor visitors like slow speed sites. Think for a second why someone waits long for a site to load when they have thousands of other results, this makes sense ?

Most people lose their customers and ranking due to the slow loading speed. Fast loading sites always perform better in google search results. So, you need to make your website faster than your competitor but how you do this?
Here comes the need of professionals who can make any slow loading website a perfect site with excellent loading time. According to Google employees, any good site will not have loading time more than 3 seconds.

There are many other factors which decide the rank of a site. Michigan SEO company knows that you want more business but think about the cost of SEO campaign. You will be happy to know that SEO is not costly anymore we are offering SEO services at a reasonable cost. The price depends upon various things like the type of business, competition in your business, number of your competitors etc.

Therefore, SEOs charge according to the website and their competition. SEO is not an expense it is an investment which will give you more business. It is good to invest to increase your business because every business wants some kind of investments to grow faster.

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