Many people ask us how they make google happy. Why the search doesn’t like their website. Today you will learn about the top 6 SEO practices which make Google happy. Read carefully till end and get the attention of world’s most trusted search engine (Google).

    1. FRESH CONTENT: If you type your keyword in google search bar and press enter you will see thousands of articles on different websites and blogs based on your keyword. So, the question is how you write the fresh content when there are hundreds of articles on almost every single keyword which you have in your mind. Just follow our advice and start creating fresh content now. Before writing an article or post on any subject or before doing product review do the deep research on it. Read other people articles, watch videos, most importantly read the customer reviews on it. Visit sites like Reddit, Amazon if you are writing something on a product go and check what people feel about it. what are the real outcomes? Get the idea form there and add it into your post this way you are sharing the real feeling of users. Google like unique content and this is the best way to write something trustworthy.
    2. Actionable Content: The second step in our list is write something which grab the user’s attention in few seconds of their visit. Now writing such content is not a rocket science, you need some practice and you will be able to write engaging content on any subject. First of all, understand your targeted audience like what they are looking for and what you are offering to them? Many times people write length content and wait for Google to give them good rankings in Serps. The secret of writing content which makes people to do what the writers wants them to do is write from a prospective of users. Longer paragraphs and fancy words will not help you to get higher rankings. Your ranking will improve only when users like your copy and stick to your content till the last line of the articles.
    3. TITLES & DESCRIPTIONS: This is the part where you need to play smart and carefully. While writing your Meta title and descriptions do not use keyword stuffing technique. Instead of using exact keyword use synonyms, make a long tail keyword.For example, if your keyword is Mount Everest height. Do not put it exactly in the title because when somebody search it, he/she will write like ‘what is the height of mount Everest’? so, putting the long tail keyword in the title and description is beneficial. Always keep the title and description in the recommended length of words.Title should be in between 20 to 70 words and description between 100 to 150 words. Do not Use same Title and description more then once. Every post and page should have unique page title and description.
    4. WEBMASTER GUIDELINES: Do not violate Google webmaster guidelines if you want higher rankings in search engine. Search for the webmaster guidelines on google and read them carefully. It is best to stay away from trouble so read them first and then build your site accordingly.If your site violates any of their rule it will show in your google analytics check there and make sure everything is good.
    5. LINK BUILDING: This is the hard part because most of the time websites get penalized for having unnatural backlinks. So, don’t even think to try spammy link building methods. Blackhat SEO will spoil your hard work and your site will be blacklisted for sure. Always make natural and high-quality backlinks. Share your work on social media today we have many social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. A link which is placed to help people to find your unique stuff is a form of natural link building.
    6. KEEP UPDATING: Do not leave your site as it is after updating it once in a month. Keep the content of your site fresh and updated by posting at least one article per week. This will add freshness to your site, more valuable content, attract more traffic. Users do not like to see and read the same stuff every time they visit. They want new interesting content always and Google also want to feed their users best content every time they search something on the google search bar. We hope you found this article helpful, for more information on any part of the Search Engine optimization, feel free to contact us anytime.