The term fresh content or quality content is often used in the digital marketing field. In this post, I will tell you what is fresh content and how google evaluate fresh content and how you can write fresh content on every topic of your choice.

Fresh content is means updated, republished, or recently published content. This is the most accurate form of online content. Google likes to deliver fresh content to its users.

For example, someone writes a post about 10 advanced refrigerators in 2015. He/she did not update the post until now. But we all know every year we see new and more advanced refrigerators in ads or in showrooms.

The machine you get now in stores is more advanced than the 2015 model. To cover this gap google introduce fresh content updates. This way the google users get fresh and updated content. Therefore, google starts giving a better ranking to fresh content.

How does Google calculate the freshness of your content?

According to the study conducted by Moz, google check many things to give a fresh tag to a piece of content. Following are some of the important factors that play a major role.

  • Publish date of a page
  • A number of changes to an old article boost its rank. Actually, a large number of changes indicate major changes and more freshness to a post.
  • The number of changes in the content of the page indicates to google that some of the fresh content is just added. This increases the chances of holding the best position in Serps.
  • New backlinks also signal google that this content is fresh and is a favorite of users. They are reading and sharing it on different platforms.

Is fresh content a ranking factor?

The ranking algorithm of Google is the biggest secret in the world. No one can crack it completely and google will never tell you about it.

There are many factors that decide the rank of your page or website. No doubt freshness is one of them but you cannot write fresh content on every topic. There are some evergreen topics to understand better read the below comparison.

Fresh Vs Unfresh content

On following queries, google always wants fresh content.

Recent events

All kinds of news (local, national and international)

Hot topic of the months

Elections, conferences, governmental meetings

Product reviews and software testing.

Investment services.

Freshness does put much effect on the Below categories.

Historical events in past

Food recipes

Evergreen topics

How you can improve your ranking with fresh content?

Now that you know freshness directly impacts the ranking in search results. It is time to know how you can make sure the content on your website stays fresh forever.

Check search results:

The first step is to punch the keyword in the google search and hit enter. Then check the publish date of the top 10 results. If they are recent then you need to work hard to get the best rank. If they are more than 6 months old then your fresh content can easily beat them. 

Publish daily:

If you have a blog and want to rank most of its pots. Then you should write daily and publish one piece of post daily at the same time.

This pushes your ranking and google understands that you have tones of content for google users. The search engine starts giving your posts more priority than others. Where you stop publishing posts you will see a drop in your rankings and traffic.

You do not need to write everything from scratch. Read articles of other authors then see what is missing. Add it to your article and make it a complete post with Frequently asked questions. Your fresh piece of content is ready.

Check the grammar and spelling mistakes, collect images then hit publish.

Update your old content:

Update your old pages that are on the first page to hold the position. Go to your WordPad write some new content and add in your old post. Also, add some new images or change the old ones.

When you hit the update, this signal google that this website makes changes to its old content as per the time. 

Google crawls your page and makes notes of your newly added images and content. Then it compares with other websites and if they do not update their old content. Your article directly wins the place in the top 3 results.

Caution: Do not try to fool Google

Most people change the date and year of the published article to make their content look fresh. This way they are trying to cheat Google users.

I am talking about actually making changes in the main body of the article. Add few lines to the post and make it fresh.

When to make changes in old content?

There is no rule regarding this from google or any other search engine. You have to figure it out as per your keyword. If you are in the marketing or investment field. Then you need to frequently update all your articles.

But if you have a food recipe site then you need to update old content less often.

In general, every website owner should update the old content after every year. Every field gets something new in a year. You need to catch that and publish it on your site. Or add it to your already existing articles.

How to find out your content is outdated?

Go to your google analytics and see the average time on your posts. If this trend shows a drop-in average time over the period of 12 months. But there is a good click-through rate. This means your readers are not interested in your content. They prefer other website content.

They come to your site by seeing the attractive title and meta description. But when they land, they find your content not interesting.

In this condition,

Search the keyword phrase in google and check the publish date of the top results. You will get the answer.


The freshness of content is a very important factor to get higher ranks. It is more important if you are in the tech field.

Home and food sites need to update old content less frequently.

If you like to stay above all then you should always update your old content with some fresh content.