Quality of website content is directly connected to the ranking factors. Google is business they want to show the best results to their users. You have to write for the Google users to rank better not for the search engine.

Today we will tell you about the proven tips that will improve your website content quality instantly. Read the article carefully and apply these steps to your website.

1. Full coverage: Do not write just a few words and publish it. Short content will not cover the entire topic. People want to know everything about their favorite product or they want all possible answers for their search. Use short sentences with bullets and numbers are always advised to add in a webpage content.

Shorter sentences make it easy for users to scan a webpage. By scanning a page on internet users get the quick idea whether the page is relevant for them or not.

Try to search for the topic before writing then make a list of important asked question add them into your content by using synonyms.

2. Grammar and spellings:  Poorly written pages often have grammar mistakes and people do not want to read grammar mistakes. They think the page is spam because it has many spelling mistakes are there. They know important pages never have mistakes they are highly accurate. They click the back button and jump to the next searched result.

Visit some of the branded websites like big magazine sites read their pages you will never find a spelling or grammar mistake.

There are many grammar and spelling checker tools available online to buy them and use them while writing articles.

3. Set a Goal: Now this is the area where people do not pay attention. Before writing about any subject set the goals means what you expect from the page to do. Some pages are written to generate leads while others are there to spread knowledge.

write according to the goals, if a page is written without any clear vision it will not perform well in search engine.

4. Use Multimedia: Add relevant images, videos, audios, graphics etc. comes in multimedia. Now why it is necessary to insert all of them into a web page. The reason is in a study conducted in the USA it is found they web pages with more multimedia will rank better in search results. Moreover, people also like to visit and sty on those pages which give audio and video information. Sometimes users do not have the time or don’t like to read the entire page they want a quick short video about the topic. Here comes the need for images and videos.

Pages with images, videos, audios or with other forms of multimedia perform better in search results than those without multimedia.

If you do not have relevant videos for your page, at least insert an image to make it look beautiful and more relevant to the topic.

5. Update Your Website Content: Once you publish the page now it turns to update it regularly. We do not mean update it every day or every week. Google like new and fresh content if you update your old written page regularly than they will perform better than the newly written ones.

Update your website layout ones in a year and adjust your pages according to a new look. Every day researchers release new information about everything and google knows this. So Google wants you to add those latest information, facts, and stats into your web page in order to make them updated. Otherwise, your page will go outdated and doe not perform well in google search results.