In 2011 Google decided to identify and punish the Thin and Poor Content. To do so they made a new program called Panda penalty. This Algorithm scans millions of pages and identifies poorly written content.

Such content that is not beneficial for google users is called thin content. It takes 5 years to punish almost every type of thin piece of content on the web.

In January 2016 google officially announce that they are adding Panda to their main algorithm. Since 2016 panda is the official core of their main algorithm and penalty system.

Nowadays this is the ranking factor, which means there is poor content on your site. Then your site will never rank in google search. Your content will never jump from the last pages of Search Results.

This is the reason we always encourage people to publish well research high-quality content.

Google panda penalties come into action when someone tries to rank its fake content with various different SEO strategies.  Whenever google sees some pages of a website are shared on many places like social media, forums, Pinterest.

The Panda core of the algorithm starts scanning that copy of the content. If it finds duplicate content, spammy content, software-generated or spin content, illegal content, or content with less or no value. Panda immediately punishes that web page with the panda penalty.

As a result, your ranked pages suddenly get disappear from the first page of google search.

Remember that Google does not care that your site is big or small. Your website will be punished if google finds Low-quality or spammy content on your web pages.

Note: Many people are worried about their contact us page. Because it contains very little information on it. The good news is Google understands that the contact page only contains a few lines of information and it does not fall in the thin content category.   

Google is smart enough to identify natural pages and intentionally write Poor content.

What to do when a website hits with Panda Penalty?

The first thing is to check your organic search rankings. If you find a sudden decline in Serps then there are chances that your site is hit by Panda.

Note: Panda hit every single page and post of a website. If your few pages are declining then there is another issue. But if you see low ranking across your entire site then it is surely Panda hit.

See this traffic report


Log in to your site and check every published page for duplicate content or thin content. Sometimes some themes automatically publish pages with example content. Such pages should be removed immediately.

If your main Pages contain less content for example just 100 words or 2 to 3 lines. You need to be updated these pages with detailed content to avoid Google penalties. 


After deleting poor content and updating poorly written pages. Your next step should be publishing new pages with fresh content.

This way your site will start ranking again in a few days. Do not forget that you continuously need to publish fresh and high-quality content until you see better ranks.

For this purpose, you can add a general blog to your site.

Why did Google come up with Panda?

Google is like a business organization and like every business, they want to give the best content to the users. This is the reason Google is the biggest search engine in the world. Because they never compromise with the quality of the information.

Panda makes it easy for Google users to easily grab high-quality content. Because panda pushes writers to write detailed and researched fresh content. This encourages more users to use google instead of other search engines.

This penalty also gives good value to those websites that are regularly publishing fresh content regardless of their size.

How to Avoid Google Panda Penalty?

Google wants to give the best to the users. Therefore, you need to write the best content that is nowhere on the internet.

Add your personal experience rather than copying the line of the manufacturer. Tell your audience how your product and service is different than your competitors.

To avoid panada penalty follow the below steps:

Reader first Copy

You need to write content that totally focused on readers, not the search engine. Do not worry about the google bots while writing content.

Also do not follow useless SEO practices like keyword stuffing, low-quality linking, using copyright images. All these techniques will surely invite the Panda penalty with many others.

I know there is already tons of information published on almost every topic of your industry. But what they lack is your experience.

Add your personal experience or add user experience. Testimonials are a perfect example of adding user experience. It also builds up interest in your business.

When a new user will visit your site and check so many good reviews about your company or services or products. He/she will start trusting in your words. 

Note: Genuine content ranks fast and higher in Serps.

Updating outdated Articles

High-quality content is evergreen content you do not need to touch such articles on your site. But if these posts or pages are linked with low quality and spammy pages. Then you need to remove all those bad links from your piece of content.

Bonus Tip- Site Speed

The loading speed of a site directly affects its ranking and sales. Users don’t wait for slow-loading web pages. You can check your site speed at GTmetrix or by simply visiting the Google page speed insights.

They have many other options and they simply hit the back button and jump to the next result.

This signals Google that users do not like to visit your page. To enhance the user experience, google immediately drop your rankings. And show a new result on your place.

To reduce the loading time of your web pages you need to check the loading time of your theme. If your theme is fast then you need to check the image size, Page Cache, Unused CSS, and JAVA Scripts.

This is the basic check-up of a slow-loading website. If this does not resolve the problem then you need to log in to your c-panel and check the configuration and bandwidth.

Sometimes everything is good but the hosting screwed up everything.

I hope now you know enough about the Google Panda Penalty and can protect your site and content easily.